Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y for Yes, but...

I have tried to be as honest as possible about the topics I have covered – I think of myself as Ms Average so if I am confused other people must be.

I have learnt a lot from these daily snippets – such a lot to learn and what a big area. But will I do anything differently? 

This month I was galvanised to join a Love where you Live initiative in my town and here I am in my hi-glow gilet with the tools of the job – litter picking paraphernalia!

love where you live volunteer
On a more trivial note I have also made a new fabric bag out of a second hand skirt that did not fit me – from Monsoon and beautifully appliquéd – combined with a calico conference bag in the interior. 
bag from fabric scraps
I have found some other people writing great blogs on environmental topics. I have to mention the endangered species blogs and especially the issues with palm oil which I am much more aware of now thanks to Liz Brownlee and I have not even dared to start on a whole raft of issues but at least I have made a start...and thanks everyone for comments. I hope to go back and respond now we are not writing a blog a day!


  1. Yes but -- you've accepted the challenge and have almost completed. Well done with that as well as trying to cause less of an impact on Mother Earth.

  2. Well now, what a coincidence that this is the day I visit your blog. Hello from me, Liz!

    You can only do things one step at a time, it's to hard otherwise. Each topic is BIG - and takes thought to try and deal with. Palm oil is one of the big ones because to find things it isn't in takes a little thought. But supermarkets Do take notice of people as we give them their money, we have so much power. We really do.

    I LOVe that bag, you are obviously very skilled at appliqué.

    1. Monsoon did the applique - I reused it!!

      Thanks for your comment - and what a good note to - almost - end on - yes we do have power. Let's try and use it!

  3. TOO hard. Missed an 'o' off.

  4. Came back after reading your profile to say, I am also a fifty something woman in the UK.