Monday, 16 April 2012

N for natural burial

I have long felt that I did not want my last act on earth to be a polluting one and the emergence of the natural burial or green funeral movement is very welcome. This writing by an unknown author says it very well

‘As we near the end of our journey on this world, we should remember those we leave behind.
We should allow them to remember the times we enjoyed, brief moments, long memories.
Our final resting place should be a symbol of our presence on earth.
It should be a part of nature, a part of the living, ever changing, ever growing, ever being.
A place where life gone is celebrated by life anew.
A wooded field, a part of England in a place of tranquillity and of beauty.’

I like the idea of the woodland burial now emerging here in which your role is to provide the sustenance for the soil, perhaps be part of a migration corridor for wildlife and be part of the something that will benefit future generations unlike traditional cemeteries which are overcrowded and built up and crematoria which are often atmosphere less conveyer belts. I like the idea of not seeing rows of decaying headstones too but a meadow and then a wood.
natural burials brochure cover

It seems to be amazing that even now we are not really geared up to this or thinking too much about it. This from a Co operative Society website about coffins:

Requests for more environmentally friendly coffins made from recycled or responsibly sourced materials are still very much in their infancy but are set to grow.


  1. Can't agree with you on this one! I really hate the thought of lying mouldering away underground and definitely want to be cremated.

    I do agree though that coffins ought to be more environmentally friendly - and cheaper! I really don't see the sense in paying a fortune for a wooden box which is either going to be buried or burned. Cardboard box for me!

  2. I love this so much. I didn't know about this movement but will not look into it because it is so the right way to leave this Earth, not polluting it any further. Thanks for this and nice to "meet" you thru the challenge.

  3. oh yes me to....a cardboard box will do fine....I quite fancied a Tibetan one where they chop you up into tiny bits and then the birds come and eat you and fly away and nothing's left....the ultimate recycling I think!!

  4. It is written in my will already - cannot think of a better way to go - feed the earth fantastic:) when I was a very small girl (I go back futher than you) I thought all dead things were eaten and roast was my favourite - was gutted when I discovered I would never be a roast dinner:) I know, I know, weird! Green burial is the nearest I can get to not being wasted food.
    visting from -
    happy A-Zing

    1. In my will too and am hoping there will be a suitable wood nearby when I need it so am keen to spread the word...thanks for coming by. Will scoot over to you!