Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Q for Quality or quantity

Love food Hate waste poster

I am not surprised to see that supermarkets are under pressure to ban buy-one-get-one-free offers [with the charming acronym BOGOF] because it seems in the UK alone they may be creating a £13.7billion-a-year mountain of wasted fresh produce. 
ubiquitous BOGOF

Although we worry about rising bills, households are throwing away an average of £520 of good food and drink a year. Last year the government even set up a Love food, Hate waste campaign to try and tackle it. Sadly, there are numerous cartoons out there with the joke “Buy one, throw the other one away”..

On the quality front there are moves in the UK this year to cut down on some of the sell buy dates on food that many people slavishly follow – another source of waste – in the mistaken belief that the food is not of sufficient quality to be consumed.
waste poster from

Some councils now offer kerbside collection for food waste so that at least it does not go to landfill – mine included and it is amazing how heavy the bin is every week.


  1. It is a shame so much is wasted when so many are hungry.

  2. I once turned down a buy-one-get-one-free offer in a shop and the woman looked at me as though I was mad! I was out, didn't have a bag, didn't want to carry the 2nd item around with me, and so it was just easier to say no.

    As a mother in a hungry house, food never goes to waste if we buy offers as part of the weekly shop.

  3. I made pancakes for the first time since my kids left home. I made too many! Of course they keep well and we'll eat them for a week. I love your blog theme and it's so full of good information. Glad you're on the a to z so I could find you!