Monday, 23 April 2012

T for Travel

Confession time!  I lost an eco styled friend once because of a long haul holiday I took she did not approve of – was she right? Perhaps I was being irresponsible? I have also visited countries in Europe that have limited supplies of water and I have been on one inclusive holiday. Confession over.
Lorenzo Duran leaf art with a message

I like this quote from John Vidal writing in the Guardian a couple of years ago:

Green travel is not just what happens at the destination, or indeed how you get there. It does not demand that you eschew air travel altogether or hotels or comfort, or that your holiday is within 10 miles of your home. Rather, it asks you to pack your brain as well as your swimsuit, and to assess and then act on the impact of your visit.

He says
Hotels used to call themselves green if they offered not to change the towels every day; these days, people demand evidence of real commitment to community, place and the environment.

I would be interested in knowing about other people’s experiences of travel with the ‘eco’ uppermost. 


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  2. It seems a bit harsh to lose a friend over such a thing. I did threaten my sister that if she flew up to visit (from the SE to Manchester, because it was as cheap as the train) I would have to leave the heating off all weekend to balance the damage (she came by train in the end). I have flown once in my life, against my better judgement, again because my sister wanted me to holiday with her. Won't do it again.
    Good to raise these issues. Thanks for sharing