Sunday, 1 April 2012

A for Alternative Technology

My motivation for taking part in this A-Z blog challenge is to learn more about all things ECO and to find out if others share my perspective.

Eco is about the impact living organisms have on their environment. This eco alphabet will be an eco journey for me – an opportunity for me to find out more about a topic I have always wanted to know more about but of course this is just a beginner dipping a toe in... and trying to be honest too about the reality of eco issues in my life.

The term “alternative technology” was coined 40 years ago by one of the founders of the Centre for Alternative Technology, in North Wales to describe technologies that are more environmentally friendly than those in current practice. It deals particularly with energy and fuel alternatives some of which have become more prevalent and some of which have receded further into the distance. I hope they don't mind being my letter A.
A Centre for Alternative technology building

If you search for this topic you will find there has even been an alternative technology movement which has looked for solutions to how technology could deliver environmental and social goals.

This A-Z will cover a whole range of topics that come loosely under this banner but also will cover less technological solutions and attitude changes.


  1. Look forward to learning more!

  2. Great theme for the challenge! I'm looking forward to my next visit

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  3. Hello, Susan! Your A to Z Challenge theme is fascinating. One of my favorite classes in college was problems of the environment. I learned so much about taking care of out planet! I wish I could remember it all though, LoL. I'm looking forward to your posts!

    Nice to meet you and have a great week!

  4. Very timely and interesting post!

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  5. Something I've been thinking about!
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  6. Alternative technology is a term used to refer to technologies that are more environmentally friendly than the functionally equivalent technologies dominant in current practice.

    The term was coined by Peter Harper, one of the founders of the Centre for Alternative Technology, North Wales (aka The Quarry), in Undercurrents (magazine) in the 1970s.
    Some "alternative technologies" have in the past or may in the future become widely adopted, after which they might no longer be considered "alternative." For example the use of wind turbines to produce electricity.
    STC Technologies