Wednesday, 11 April 2012

J for Junk

A little interlude from all the heavy stuff on environmental damage - let's take a - related - break...

Little did I know when, as a young person starting out in life and I was standing in a queue to enter a Saturday afternoon jumble sale or rummage sale as they are often called – that I was being environmentally friendly. I have always loved buying second hand clothes. I know some people find it distasteful to contemplate but I have always felt that one person’s junk is another’s useful item. Sometimes when looking for clothes in shops I look at the price and then imagine them on the floor at a jumble sale and that usually means I resist the temptation!

One of my favourite songs as a child was “Secondhand Rose” which I used to sing along to with Barbra Streisand:
“Everyone knows I ‘m just a second hand rose ..From Second Avenue...”

picture from junk by Zac Freeman
I suppose it was because I had a choice that I never felt upset that I was wearing second hand clothes. The advent of the ubiquitous charity shop in the UK has added a bargain hunting dimension to the shopping experience and given charities much needed funds. Don't you just love some of the expressions to describe second hand things though – “pre loved” is my favourite! Then of course clothes from my youth are now called "vintage".

And then what about those inspiring artists who create wonderful pieces of art work from junk? American artist Zac Freeman creates portraits “made entirely out of collected junk, found objects, and general trash” and they certainly have a haunting quality.                                                                                                                                                 
self portrait Zac Freeman


  1. I am a great lover of junk too! All my best clothes have been bought in charity shops, car boot sales, Ebay etc. I love 40's and 50's clothes especially and have quite a collection of them.

    I love car boot sales - vide grenier over here -and happily spend my Sunday mornings buying up other people's tat. Over here, vide greniers are usually held in the centre of villages and I love the sense of anticipation on arrival when I see streets full of stalls!

  2. I buy almost all my clothes from Plato's Closet. It's cheaper, and I love not having to break in my own jeans.

    I will not buy underwear, socks, or shoes second hand. Ever.

    1. I so agree..but other things just need a wash and you are away!Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi, So interesting to meet you! I love shopping at thrift stores where they sell used goods. In fact, when I went to a Christian Women's Club meeting today, I wore an outfit that I got at the thrift store over a year ago, and received several compliments on it. Best regards to you. Ruby

    1. I love it when people compliment you and they find it was secondhand ...I always tell them though some are aghast!

  4. Ah yes, one man's trash is another man's treasure is what my fun loving Mom would always say! My favorite term they seem to be using with much frequency in my corner of the world is 'repurposed'. Either way, I love those items myself!

    Dropping in from the A-Z challenge and adding you to my follow list. Hope you get a chance to come by and visit. Would be great to have new blogger friends when the challenge is complete!

    1. Oh yes repurposed is a good one! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I rarely buy second-hand stuff and never have bought used clothing. I don't turn down clothes when given to me by family members though. The artwork is pretty amazing.

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