Friday, 27 April 2012

X for eXpert

Didn’t I choose a great area for experts? I am awash with them. Five experts on each of my blogs would give five different responses, five counter arguments – all this research makes you realise how nothing is ever simple.... 
cartoon from
There is just so much information out there, some of it mis-information and some of it linked to a selling opportunity or a government initiative of some kind [a selling opportunity] – its a bit like when you have your first baby – everyone thinks they know what is best but you have to make up your own mind.
an excuse to have a picture of Will Smith as an expert...

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  1. Sometimes, it seems a toss-up as to which we have in greater supply: the so-called experts, or the people gullible enough to believe whatever somebody with a clipboard and authoritative voice happens to tell them. Now, Will Smith is another matter. I'd believe him. After all, he IS wearing a white lab coat.