Wednesday, 11 April 2012

K for Kids and education

I think I started on this blog topic partly due to playing a game with my 3 year old grandson at Christmas – it was a recycling game where he had to recognise which items the cartoon bear was sending to which, plastic or paper. As I have started to look at the whole eco idea in more detail I have come across all kinds of educational tools embedded into the curriculum and into play. These children should be so aware of environmental issues and from the very start. It should be second nature.

One of the easiest concepts to get across is recycling and look at all the books aimed at the different ages there are – just a few visuals of the many out there:
50 things for kids to recycle book
board book for toddlers

For children there are even websites aimed at helping them work out their carbon footprint . Check out Planet Positive.  

They can play online food miles games. I would have loved a wormery as a child or been involved in some of the more garden oriented initiatives aimed at conserving water. 
Take this online water conservation game.

eco board game
recycle picture book
recycling lorry toys

Many of these educational tools have multiple applications with science and maths and humanities playing their part as well as the message about how responsible citizens behave.

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  1. Looks great fun as well as educational! Look forward to looking at it all with my granddaughters.