Friday, 29 June 2012

A lunch break boost

It's funny how days can unexpectedly blossom even when it does not seen to be a day for anything out of the ordinary. Take the other day...I had a long, most of the day, meeting in the city of London...near Old Street to anyone who knows the capital. I arrived having had the singing "Why aren't you all smiling?" train attendant on the way down.

Zebra burger anyone?
painted street furniture
I like going to new parts of London and this is a business area by day and an upwardly mobile residential area - on the whole - by night. So cut to lunch break and I was excited to see we were in a food market, but not just any old market....such lunch time choice. Not just a cheese sandwich for me...what about zebra burgers? or wildebeest? Mine's a Turkish wrap to be eaten at our rendezvous - a shady park cum grave yard where the last remains of William Blake lie. On the way there I was excited to see street art on a gable end and then another of my favourites - a series of dull old grey electrical boxes enlivened with an amusing painted illustration telling a story. I had left my camera and iPad behind but colleagues had their faithful smartphones so these shots are thanks to them.

Once in the park I stopped again to look at an insect hotel thoughtfully placed there for our tiniest London residents and surrounded by ancient gravestones! Everything seemed designed to amuse me!

Finally I was making my way back to the station when I wish I could have snapped the concentration on the face of an orange clad, shaven monk choosing a mobile phone in a shop. I could go on... but this is a note to self - never go anywhere without some kind of camera!
insect heaven


  1. There's not so strange as folk... great post

  2. Thanks - you never know what is going to get you writing do you?!

  3. London's such a great place - it's where I was born and brought up, and I miss it. Still has its quirks though, obviously. I really can't see myself eating zebra, though, no way. Great post (and great to meet you)

    1. I spent my late teens and early twenties there so it is fun to be there at this age when I can squeeze in non work time anyway. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Not sure about the zebra burger but it is fun exploring London. I went through a phase of taking my camera everywhere with me but have stopped doing that recently. There's only so much weight you can have in your handbag.

    There's a booker award on my blog for you if you'd like to pop over :-)