Saturday, 10 March 2012

What a performance!

Don't you just love it when the streets are alive with performers?  I get such a kick out of the atmosphere when jugglers, artists and musicians and the like descend on our - usually pedestrianised - shopping spaces - and it is never quite the same with the faceless malls. Always gets me smiling.

hula hoop of fire
Today I have been to the city centre of Leicester for instance and have been entranced by a couple playing with fire...this lady hula hooped with her routine - and they chose a good backdrop to set off the fire well  - sometimes closed down shops have their uses...
street saxophonist
Then a few yards along the road a jazz musician playing his saxophone - had to get him in here. Bankrupt stock clearance behind but never mind - this was uplifting!
pavement artist

What about a different kind of perfomer?? OK street art here we come... such talent in the wielding of a  stick of chalk. Love those cartoonists doing caricatures of paying passers by too.

Even the chuggers were a bit of fun in their silly hats. They are called 'chuggers' which is a humorous shortening of charity muggers!

These have all been taken today but I have stilt walkers, statues, comedy routines, choirs,  the lot -  in my photo folders.  

What about the sounds around me today? Imagine all this and in the background the impassioned words of a gentleman on his soap box telling us about God and his merciful ways...funny old world...


  1. Street entertainment in Waikiki always gathers a crowd. On Feb. 21st, I attended a Mardi Gras celebration . . . in Chinatown. It was great fun, beginning with an authentic Hurricane, New Orleans style jazz music, and seafood gumbo.

    Today, the sounds are traffic on the boulevard, rain hitting the concrete lanai, and birds chirping. All soothing in their own way.

  2. Gail

    That sounds wonderful. We have caribbean festivals and melas here too that really go to town on the food and atmosphere. You can't beat jazz outside though..

  3. Sounds like I missed out on some good fun, Susan.

  4. Not much street entertainment in rural France! however, a couple of years ago my line dancing class was held outside as it was too hot in the hall. Within minutes, all the locals had brought out their tables and chairs, set up the nibbles & aperitifs, wheeled out Granny and babies in buggies and settled down to watch proceedings. We had a round of applause after each dance - great fun!