Sunday, 21 August 2011

Swim Gym fun

I am so lucky to be in the only town in the UK with a Swim Gym. Three times a week we take a 25 minute walk to the Swim Gym. We have five individual pools, nicely warm, with an adjustable current that you can swim in or use weights or paddles to push against the water. A good 30 minute workout is followed by a  shower in a private bathroom to finish the visit off. A redecorate has made it extra enjoyable to visit!

The benefits are many - I came with a long term low back problem and if I keep going it almost disappears. My partner had shoulder problems and he has had similar positive results. We both enjoy not having to use a public pool and compete with the lane swimmers. We like the warmth of the pools and the additional ways you can exercise in water that the Swim Gym provides. Now that I have mastered the unique way of swimming I find it is the time to do my thinking. Swimming underwater which I do a lot - using snorkel and mask - is the best time though it always has an overlay of counting. It is amazing how the brain can manage to think and count at the same time. Counting can become a bit compulsive sometimes so that even when swimming in the sea I find myself inwardly chanting 1-2-3 and on.

Every time I go for my swim I worry how I would manage if I had to go back to my old ways before we discovered the Swim Gym. More counting then..? My blessings I suppose!


  1. What an amazing experience. I've never heard of a Swim Gym before. I didn't know there was one locally either. I must find out more.

  2. Oh thats brilliant. My childrens swimming coach had one of those swim gym pools in his garage. I thought they were a briliant idea for swim training. Never heard of an actual swim gum though- how fab!

  3. Pottijo
    I do feel lucky but also frustrated by the lack of marketing they do at this swim gym and felt it needed a boost. I don't want it to sink [ as it were!]
    ps I've been reading your blogs too!!

    Probably just out of your range which is a pity - but such a good idea. I unwind and think all in one!

  4. That's such a great idea! I'd love to try it one day. :-)

  5. OMG I am truly jealous, swimming is my idea of heaven but I am too shy to attend the public baths these days. This would be ideal in my neck of the woods I shall try and hunt one out. Thanks for letting us know:)

  6. Misha - hope you get a chance to try it - great fun!

    Bridlestone - great thing is you don't need to be shy in these places as they are more private than public baths. Lots of people are on a mission to lose weight go...