Saturday, 11 June 2011

Putting disabled children In The Picture

Not many of us are involved in work that is innovative, positively exciting and rewarding but also has a long term impact in a much needed area. I was privileged to have four years working on Scope's In The Picture project - working on getting images of disabled children into picture books. Three years on the work of that period is still in evidence and the group of people who supported the project are still as committed as ever.

Yesterday a new member of staff at a publishers who took over from an In the Picture steering group member and one of the stars of In The Picture contacted us to find out more about how she could continue the critical work of her predecessor. I felt a thrill knowing that for this publisher the waters would not be closing up in our wake and  this was another sign that our work was not wasted. Books will continue to be produced that include disabled children - they won't be left out!


  1. This was such a worthwhile project. I'm so pleased that the work will be continued from within the publishing business.

  2. Thank God for activist! lets make the world a better place in whatever way we can