Sunday, 29 May 2011

It is all very well deciding to write a blog

It is all very well deciding to write a blog. I have even rationalised my motivation. 50 plus years of doing what I do best - listening - means I am not very good at stringing sentences together in conversation and being entertaining. I have always had people in the family who could do that. My grandfather for instance with his World War 1 stories and his black humour. My mother who can talk to a whole dinner table recounting tales of her encounters - such confidence, such memory! But me, I am the mistress of the one liner, a quip perhaps, a pun [that was Dad]. As soon as I catch myself doing much more I lose my thread and grind to a halt. I find myself thinking if no one asks then they are not interested. It has made me lazy. Do I have views on things? Can I work out what matters to me? Can I really examine the vagaries of life and describe them and my responses to them in more than one sentence? I want to see if  I can slough off the, by now, deeply ingrained and detested jargon of my working life for a short foray into a freer flowing medium. This is my challenge.. I hope I rise to meet it and I hope I find some people on the way doing just that too...

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  1. Welcome to blogger-land. I'm never quite sure why I'm blogging or what I'm going to blog about next. I now go everywhere with a camera and an eye for a blog subject. It gets under your skin... in a nice way. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do and I'd love to read some of your grandfather's World War 1 stories.